My Muscles Are Beat, I’ve Got Cold Feet, and An Irregular Heartbeat

Welcome to Symptom City™. These past 24 hours have been quite the journey.

It all began with some intense shoulder pain. I was feeling extremely tense and almost a numb feeling around my shoulder-blade, and my wrist, thumb, and pointer finger were numb.
I tried EVERYTHING to get rid of the symptoms. NSAIDs, ice packs, heating pad, stretching, muscle cream, and not one thing worked. To make matters worse? I have a really difficult time getting to sleep if I’m not laying on my right side, but trying to do so was highly uncomfortable last night.
On top of that, my feet were absolutely frozen. My feet and hands are generally cold due to my anemia, but I think that the cold temperature from the snow storm really just made it worse. It took a super heavy blanket and fuzzy socks for my feet to warm up.
And the icing on the cake? My heart rate was jumping all over the place last night. I was trying to warm up my feet and calm down the pain in my shoulder, but if I would sit up in the slightest, let alone stand, my heart rate would increase rapidly. If I were to sit or stand up for too long, I would get a slight pain in my chest. Maybe it was due to the fact that I was stressed over my shoulder and the fact that I couldn’t sleep? Could the stress of the fact that it was my dad’s death date added stress? Or just the fact that I have this heart problem. I’m sure they’re all factors, but honestly? Who knows. 

I didn’t end up falling asleep until 6:30 AM this morning and waking up until 2:30 PM this afternoon. Unfortunately, my shoulder pain is still quite terrible, but my other symptoms have since subsided. I’m just hoping I’ll be able to receive a more permanent solution (aka surgery) sometime soon so that I don’t have to deal with nights like these anymore.


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