I’m A Real G

Okay. So maybe I’m not G, but my biomedical ethics grade will be this semester.

Things have been not so great lately. They’ve actually been really hectic. Boarder line terrible. I don’t manage things well, and everything seems to be spiraling out of my control; not following the path that I want it to follow. But maybe that’s okay. 

If there is anything that I’ve learned this semester, it’s that accepting help does not make me weak, and taking a different path doesn’t mean I won’t be successful in the future.

Since we last spoke, I have added a new medication to my cocktail, I have officially registered with Disability Resources and Services, I have found a time that I may have my shoulder surgery, and I may now be taking a G in my one course. Things are just too much right now. I need time to get healthy. My health needs to take priority. When I am feeling better and regulated, I can proceed with caution towards all of my other activities and schooling. Until then, I’m just trying to get through one day at a time.


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