One Down, Infinity to Go.

“Just know that you’re worth fighting for and no ones going to fight for you unless you do. So, put that arm in the air and start waiving like hell.” 

–  Mia Findlay

One year.

It’s already been one year.

Now, I bet you’re confused. But this is a big deal. You see, yesterday, May first, made one year since I picked up the phone. One year since I picked up the phone and checked myself into eating disorder treatment. One year since I decided that I wanted to be recovery. One year since I decided that I’d rather live than die. 

This first year has been such a whirlwind. The first quarter drug on and felt like it would never end (the hardest part), but as time went on, it felt like it just went by faster and faster.

I don’t have enough words to express how proud of myself I am.

I am now nearly six months purge free.
This time last year, I was purging six to twelve times a day, let alone going six months without purging at all.

It has also three months without acting on binge urges and restriction urges.
This is astonishing because these behaviors began nearly six and a half years ago. I would have never thought that I would have had the power to stop them and find other ways to deal with my emotions.

So far, recovery has been a rocky road. But this year was so worth. All it took was for me to decide to pick up the phone and call people who would help. There are people want to help you. Whether you know it or not, someone out there values your life and your recovery. You just have to see that you are valuable too.

So here’s to one year in recovery and many more.


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