Resilient, Open, & Selfless.

A few months ago I attended a business leadership conference. It was during my first week within the business world. I was diving in head first.

One of our National Sales Directors was mentioning that there should be three distinct character traits that you want to uphold as a leader, and that those same three traits should be those that which you look for in a prospective team member.

It didn’t take me very long to come up with the first trait that I believe I had and wanted to continue to hold: resilience. Even with the burdens of my past hardships on my shoulders, I have always found a way to bounce back and succeed; to not let things hold me down. I am so proud of myself for this. I can only hope that I can inspire at least one person to continue to keep getting back up and trying, and I want nothing more for my team members.

About two months or so later, the second trait came to me one day as I was laying in bed in Uganda: open. As I continue throughout my grieving and mental health recovery process, I’ve found that I am free from my self-created mental chains when I speak honestly about what I have and am currently feeling and experiencing. I hope that sharing my successes and failures with my team members will help show them that, even though I am their leader, I want the best for them and that I am susceptible to failure as well.

And that was all I had. I kept searching and searching and searching for a third word, but I genuinely could not find one. Every time I thought I had it, it just wouldn’t feel right.

I sat with my director one evening and I talked with her about why I wanted to pursue this business. After that conversation, the third and final trait came to me: selfless. When speaking about why I want to do what I do I realized that the real reason is that it helps other women to feel good and confident in their own skin. When I was deep in my depression and eating disorder, feeling good in my own body was not something on my radar. But when I would do something small for myself, such as wash my face or put on mascara, I would feel a little bit better about myself because I accomplished something that day with little effort. I only want to be able to show women that these simple things can do the same for them.

So, now that I have all three of my traits, I feel unstoppable. I feel more confident. We’ll just have to keep going and see where we end up next!


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