Reasons Why I Resent My Chronic Illness:

  1. the inability to graduate on time
  2. lack of focus in everyday conversations and school
  3. not being able to play my instruments anymore without struggling to not fall over
  4. being left out by my old friends because I can no longer participate in the same activities as I once could
  5. I cannot do marching band anymore – something I’ve been doing for the past eight years of my life
  6. walking five feet has become a marathon
  7. no one tries to understand how crappy I’m genuinely feeling on any given day
  8. my depression is activated during the bad days and I completely shut down
  9. I don’t understand how I can possibly obtain a career let alone my dream job.
  10. doctors don’t know what to do with me… how to treat me
  11. I’m consistently seen as the “hypochondriac” and the “drama queen” because I experience so many different symptoms that they’re not believable
  12. using a cane at 21 years old (and were not talking a candy cane)
  13. no more standing and dancing at weddings, concerts, or parties

There are so many more, but I think you get the point. I’m just frustrated. Thanks for listening.


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