Dear Body (an open letter/ pseudo-poem)

Dear body,

I’m so sorry

I’m so sorry for all I’ve done to you
For all that I’ve put you through
For the tear-filled nights where I cried about my thighs
You don’t deserve this

I’m so sorry

for the days I spent trying to shrink you
with invaders of diet pills and fingers
I valued the decreasing numbers more than I valued you

I’m so sorry

I never saw how much you have helped me through
Grief, heartbreak, struggle, and pain
I was blinded by euphoric highs and couldn’t see what was true

I’m so sorry

I’m sorry for taking you for granted
I’m sorry for hurting you
I’m sorry for all the hatred I spewed at you

It was never meant to be this way
But now that it is, I really hope it doesn’t stay

I’m sick of being sick
I’m tired of being sad
It’s really hard to fight when all I’ve known is feeling bad

But I’ll try my best from here on out to be the best I can
I hope you can forgive me ’cause this is was never a part of the plan


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