A Plea to God

Help me drop a pound or two so I can hear my mom say “I’m proud of you”
Then maybe help me do it again
and this time we can take away ten
And once that ten has gone away you can help my body to stay this way

But after one day I won’t be okay
I’ll be begging on my knees “please God hear me pray”
I know You made me look this way
but I can’t help to wish it all away

You see the devil lives inside my head
She only goes away while I’m asleep at night in bed
She whispers sweet secrets that I can’t help but dread
Like instead of gaining weight I’d be “better off dead”

I can’t see why things have to be this way
why it’s like this every day

Please, Lord, hear my one last plea
I don’t understand why this is happening to me
Maybe, in the end, it will benefit me but you see
all I can say now is that I wish I was skinny

SOS, God. I’m drowning. I can’t breathe.
Won’t you please part the sea for me?

I’ve seen you do it all before
so won’t you please just do it once more?

Let me know that it’s okay cause I was fearfully and wonderfully made this way



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